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Angelababy for Dazed December 2012 issueCycy Sanders

Actress gets face examined to prove she’s had no surgery

Angelababy has been tested by doctors to win a bizarre court case against a company claiming she’s gone under the knife to get her beautiful visage

Noses mysteriously losing a barely perceivable arch. Boobs rising of their own accord. Chins transfiguring, half the size. We accuse celebrities of having plastic surgery all the time. I mean, people even make moving Instagram pictures of their changing faces. It’s become part of a call-out culture in which the public and media know the rich and famous get beautiful for money all the time - while we mere mortals can’t - so under the great hammer of social justice, they must be recognised.

But this time it looks like the salacious call-outs have gone one step too far. In what has become one of the most high-profile legal cases about celebrity plastic surgery, actress, model and previous Dazed cover star, Angelababy, is suing a clinic for defamation after it alleged she had taken her face under the knife.

The 26-year-old, whose real name is Yeung Wing, was told by a Beijing judge that her face should be examined by medical professionals to certify its…authenticity. She went through a series of medical tests and scans – one of which involved a doctor prodding her face – at a plastic surgery hospital on Thursday. Thankfully for Angelababy, she was deemed legit by the professionals.

Her actor husband, Huang Xiaoming, has previously defended her against the claims, saying that behind closed doors her face ain’t all that. “Actually she sometimes looks quite ugly to me,” he said valiantly last year. “I’m not an idiot. I definitely can tell she hasn't had plastic surgery, sometimes she doesn't put on make up and she really looks like those ugly pictures of her." Great to know your other half always has your back.