Yuen Hsieh
MINI LIVING Shanghai Rising with Yuen Hsieh, Toto Duan and Lin Guan
3AM in Shanghai
MINI LIVING 3AM in Shanghai with director Roni Shao
TikTok reinstates banned teen who criticised China
Science & TechTikTok reinstates banned teen who criticised China
Lin Zhipeng
Art & PhotographyThe photographers capturing the nuances of Chinese youth culture
Art & PhotographyPhotographer Huang Jiaqi catches himself in freefall
Backstage at Dior SS20 1
FashionDior is the latest label to say sorry to China
Donatella Versace China apology
FashionDonatella apologises to China for Versace t-shirt faux pas
What do we mean when we talk about ‘Asian rap’?
MusicWhat do we mean when we talk about ‘Asian rap’?
Your Highness Qiaobiluo
Science & TechYoung Chinese vlogger exposed as 58-year-old woman when face filter fails
Luo Yang’s 女孩 / Girls, Dazed premiere
Art & PhotographyThis film meets Asian women with unconventional takes on femininity
Pixy Liao’s Open Kimono
Art & PhotographyPhotographer Pixy Liao on how humour and Japanese cinema shape her work
Ka-Man Tse’s narrow distances
Art & PhotographyBeautiful photographs of queer Asian communities in Hong Kong and NYC
Porn romance sex
Life & CultureChina are giving away £70,000 to citizens who report porn to the government
Art & PhotographyThe 20 best photos of 2018
Marina Ambramović and Ulay “The Great Wall”
Art & PhotographyWhat we learned from Marina Abramović and Ulay’s 1988 break-up performance
FashionI watched D&G’s China show fall apart from the inside
Dolce and Gabbana
FashionDolce & Gabbana has now been dropped from a bunch of stores
Nicki Minaj
MusicNicki Minaj flew to China for a fake music festival
dolce gabbana chinese racist ad
FashionNew Dolce & Gabbana ad dubbed ‘racist’ by Chinese followers
joseph-chan-256778-unsplash reading book
Life & CultureThe author of a Chinese homoerotic novel will spend 10 years in jail
Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle
Art & PhotographyAi Weiwei speaks honestly on China’s past, present, and future
Screenshot 2018-11-10 15.11.30
Science & TechA Chinese news agency has developed an AI anchor
Yayoi Kusuma
Art & PhotographyYayoi Kusama is fighting back against rip-offs of her work
Luo Yang Chinese fashion photographer
FashionFive Chinese fashion photographers to put on your radar now