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Tommy Wiseau
“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”via

James Franco is doing a making-of movie about The Room

The making of Tommy Wiseau’s infamous clinker will be recounted through the guffaws of Franco and Seth Rogen

How director-actor-punchline Tommy Wiseau managed to squeeze an entire career out of The Room – infamously dubbed “the best worst movie ever made” – remains a mystery. And yet, dedicated fans queue for midnight screenings. Tickets sell out for Q&A’s with the long-haired filmmaker the world over, keen to appreciate all of the film’s questionable attributes. Like this scene.

One of these superfans is James Franco, who has planned a making-of film called The Disaster Artist starring BFF Seth Rogen and his brother, Dave Franco. It will detail, most likely in excruciating hilarity, the utter failings of how The Room even made it to the screen. Franco will play Wiseau, alongside directing and producing. Dave Franco is set to play Mark (“Oh, hi Dave!”) and Rogen’s role is still TBD (Lisa?).

The story comes from a book by actor Greg Sestero – who played Mark in the original film – and journalist Tom Bissell, who together penned The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room. It tells of the shortcomings while filming Wiseau’s legendary masterpiece, which centres on Tommy and how his life is “torn apart” when his friend Mark gets busy with his fiancee, Lisa.

The 3.5/10 rating on IMDb shouldn’t deter you from hunting down a copy so you can truly appreciate its cinematic superiority and unmatchable acting, and so Wiseau doesn’t have to spend the latter half of his sunset years getting drunk on cheap wine in the lobbies of theatres before his Q&As. The movie starts filming in December.