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vagina emoji
The blue, the green and the stubblyvia Flirtmoji

All hail the vagina emoji

Express your deepest innermost desires with the neon purple vag

There’s an aubergine for referencing a penis in conversation but when you’re trying to get deep and meaningful about vaginas, you can’t really indulge in emoji play. Unless you get highly creative, of course. And props to you for trying. I, for one, am now delighted that Flirtmoji – that company that brought us dildos and booty-call icons last year, praise be - have addressed this balance.

Behold, the most beautiful, diverse set of vaginas, you’ve encountered yet. Seriously, they’ve gone in with these emojis. There are blue ones with purple anemone pubes, there are cracked, squishy, hairy ones, there’s serious stubble going on, they’re widely asymmetrical and lopsided as hell. They’re like real vaginas. Okay, they took creative license with the bottle green one, but who cares. They’re great.

The designers themselves said the emoji-set is to “empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires”. Perfect. And if you don’t want to use them for sexts, they’re perfect for discussing your next wax trip in minute detail to your mates or just celebrating the vagina in all its holy glory. Thank you, Flirtmoji, for catering to our needs.