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Women are much more likely to be bisexual than men

New research shows that women are twice as likely to take a more fluid approach with their sexuality

According to new research from the UK's Office for National Statistics, women are twice as likely as men to identify as bisexual.

The study – which was pulled from thousands of people across the UK – found that 1.1% of adults would describe themselves as gay or lesbian, and 0.5% as bisexual. However, there was a stark difference between the sexes on the latter: with 0.7% of women identifying as bi, compared to just 0.3% of men.

It's a shocking contrast – and a US study from Notre Dame university earlier this year revealed a similar story. According to that, women were in fact three times more likely than men to be unphased by gender when it came to choosing their sexual partner.

So, while females may just be wired to be more fluid and open with their sexuality, the research may also offer some insight into how big the stigma of bisexuality among men really is. Is it really just because females are more likely to be open-minded, or is it because men are less likely to want to admit it?

Other data pulled from the ONS survey found that people who live in London are much more likely to identify as gay or bi compared to anywhere else in the UK – especially Scotland – with 2.3% of Londoners being LGB. Also, while women were equally likely to describe themselves as lesbian – almost exactly the same 0.7% – men were actually five times more likely to call themselves gay over bisexual. See more of the results below: