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weed forest
The Kingston weed forest

Actual weed forest found in London

Police have discovered a football pitch-sized area of cannabis plants in Kingston if you want to try and stock up for the weekend

A member of the public called police to a area of woodland in Kingston, South West London, to report the presence of a few cannabis plants growing freely in the outdoors. Officers arrived on the scene and found a "forest" of wild weed, the size of a football pitch. Well known for their wicked sense of humour and firm grasp on social media, the excited officers took to Twitter, posting photos of their discovery, along with one comical hashtag #TheseAren’tXmasTrees. The other two – #saynotodrugs and #weedkiller – were unfortunately not as funny.

At the time of writing, no-one is quite sure who’s responsible for the crop’s cultivation, but the Evening Standard notes that the forest is "a few streets away from a university halls of residence and a sixth-form college". Me? I don’t do drugs, but if I wanted to try and nab some free ones I’d probably head to London Bridge, then onto Waterloo, then get a South West train to Kingston.