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Mexican woman
A Mexican woman doing a key of (what we assume) is cocaine on YouTubevia YouTube

The new viral video challenge – Mexican women doing coke

#RetoDelPasesito is just like the Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead of pouring cold water over your head you just do bumps of cocaine

Filming yourself doing something and challenging others to follow suit really had a moment in 2014. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Yes, you do. Remember neknominations? Yes, you do. The Ice Bucket Challenge started as a way to raise money for ALS research, but the latest viral challenge appears to have no endgame whatsoever. It’s just people (seemingly Mexican women) doing keys of cocaine at home and calling out your mates to do the same. It’s called #RetoDelPasesito, or as Fusion notes, "the little pass challenge". Here’s someone getting involved.

At the time of writing, there doesn‘t appear to be many videos online, with one having fallen foul of YouTube’s mods. We have no idea if these Mexican women are even doing real coke. We can’t see this catching on in the same way as the Ice Bucket Challenge – despite the drug’s enduring popularity, most people actually don’t do coke. Still, some are obviously into it – here’s another person looking absolutely delighted to be taking part.