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Watch Amber Rose take a post-sex walk of no shame

The model struts through town in a Funny Or Die video in a bid to highlight why women shouldn’t feel embarrassed after a one night stand

Everyone knows what a "walk of shame" is, right? It’s creeping out of a stranger’s apartment at around 9am after having hooked up on a drunken night out, trying to avoid eye contact with people in the street who recognise that you’re wearing "Saturday in the club" clothes, not your "Sunday in the church" suit.

But the bullshit thing is, it’s only really women who do the "walk of shame". Men don’t do it, because society affords them the opportunity to have sex whenever they like, without feeling like they need to be ashamed of it. However, for whatever reason, we’ve worked ourselves into a situation where many women feel like being promiscuous, or having casual sex, is a bad thing to be embarrassed about, irrespective of how completely natural it is. Fortunately our generation seems to be wising up, but there are still unnecessary stigmas.

Amber Rose, hip hop model and actress, has made a Funny Or Die video that offers a subtle slash enormous fuck you to the idea that having sex with someone and then leaving in the morning is anything to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s something to be absolutely delighted about and should any passers by notice you looking unkempt and decidedly post-sex, then they should smile and congratulate you. Because sex is fun, right?

The video is part of a wider campaign led by Rose. Slutwalk, being held in Los Angeles in October, is a campaign against sexual violence and "slut-shaming". She also arrived at the VMAs with Blac Chyna in a bodysuit emblazoned with abusive words against women like "bitch", "golddigger" and "hoe".