Ten years ago Kanye hit out at George Bush on live TV

It’s been a decade since the rapper said ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ while fundraising for Hurricane Katrina

A decade ago, one of the most severe natural disasters to ever hit America ravaged New Orleans and changed the landscape of the city forever. In 2015, the effects of Hurricane Katrina are still being felt – after the destruction, many of the residents left town and didn’t come back.

In 2005 – ten years ago today – Kanye West appeared on a news programme with Mike Myers to discuss the horror that was unfolding in New Orleans. After Myers opens the show, West launches into an attack on the media portrayal of black people on camera ("they’re looting") compared with white people ("they’re looking for food").

He goes on to label himself a hypocrite for not turning away from the television and shopping before donating, but he makes a resolute promise to give the biggest amount of money that he can. Myers then takes over to discuss the residents’ spirit and will to rebuild before Kanye interjects to say:

"George Bush doesn’t care about black people". Then, stunned silence.

h/t: Complex