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When Earth Seems To Be Light
David Meskhi

The Georgian skaters finding freedom in a post-Soviet world

‘When Earth Seems To Be Light’ is a film directed by Tamuna Karumidze that follows metalhead teenagers rolling through Tbilisi with nowhere to go

When you’re a teenager, there’s nothing more liberating than making your way through the countryside and the city with your crew. Nothing to do, nowhere to go and nobody to be. When Earth Seems To Be Light is a film directed by Salome Machaidze, David Meskhi and Tamuna Karumidze, who draw on the post-Soviet landscapes of the country, following a group of skater kids confronting a life that lies in front of them, working out what romance really is and discussing what true freedom really feels like.

Karumidze says that the hauntingly soundtracked film is about a country in disarray, a "distracted place where one can be crashed by the power of church and politics". Like many groups of teenagers, they appear as lost as they do sure of themselves, determinedly dropping out of college while discussing the meaning of love.

It’s beautifully shot, with Georgia’s wild, expansive ruins providing the perfect backdrop for the wide-eyed characters to make their way through the maze that is teenhood. Lukas Ionesco, who features in Larry Clark’s first foreign language film The Smell Of Us, also appears in When Earth Seems To Be Light.

He describes the gang filmed as "the only crew like that in Georgia" and believes that the documentary is a "little more sad than happy because they all have big dreams but they can’t get out because they have no Visa and no money – they’re stuck in a poor country."

The film is coming soon, watch the extended trailer below.