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Hate Zine, issue 1
@look_at_this_pussy / Chelsea Jones and Eva Sealove, From Hate Zine, issue 1Photography Roman Koval, Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

This new mag is an outlet for your angst

“Life is shit sometimes and we aren’t going to pretend it isn’t”: get to know this London-based zine before it launches tomorrow

“Life is shit sometimes and we aren't going to pretend it isn't,” says Luisa Le Voguer Couyet, co-founder of new London title Hate Zine, alongside Scarlett Carlos Clarke. She’s talking ahead of the launch of issue one, about what’s important for the pair to bring to the publishing table. “Representing people from different backgrounds; female voices are important; giving young artists and writers a means to publish their work; articles that touch upon the shit that's going on; and not presenting real issues in an ignorant, glossy way.”

The zine itself is a mixture of colouring in pages, Q&As, think pieces, illustration and photography. “Because we have no advertising or outside backers we are free to publish whatever we feel is right,” says Carlos Clarke. “We want to focus on more serious topics as well as being able to have a sense of humor.” Cutting their teeth doing internships at different magazines and newspapers, Le Voguer Couyet explains she had grown tired of the competitive and often under-appreciative approach to young talent. “You have to be dedicated to working hard for absolutely nothing under the premise that you’re really fortunate to be there. I got fed up with that and frustrated by trying to get people to publish my writing. We decided to collaborate as we were bored of what was available to us. By taking control, it's given us both confidence in our work.” Carlos Clarke adds, “Luisa was interning at Love and the name ‘Hate’ seemed appropriate.”

With eyes on creating dialogue surrounding topics like mental health and consumerism in upcoming issues – they tell us to expect issue 2 around Christmas – the duo will remain at the mag’s helm, supported by a network of freelance talent and creatives. “I can’t imagine employing anyone else and I don’t really want to. We work quite well together as she’s really motivated and ambitious whereas I have a somewhat laid back approach at times,” reveals Le Voguer Couyet, adding, “I think that’s what makes it special: we don’t quite know what we are doing but we really believe in what we are saying.”

Hate Zine will be available to buy here. Check out their Instagram to keep up