Deathgasm: the heavy metal horror that’s hilariously scary

The rock’n’roll slasher will redefine your idea of gore

No, it’s nothing to do with sex – it’s the heavy metal slasher to end all heavy metal slashers. Deathgasm combines Satan’s favourite music genre with gore, guts and gags. Between garage gigs, two misfit teens dip into a bit of black magic to curb their boredom. However, they unknowingly summon The Blind One – an ancient demon – when they jam out to this magical sheet music given to them. Courtesy of the film’s writer-director Jason Lei Howden comes this bad taste boon for cult slasher fans.

Jason Lei Howden:Deathgasm is a balls-to-the wall, splatstick horror comedy and the most METAL heavy metal horror movie ever unleashed. In this clip we see our hesher-heroes Brodie and Zakk dealing out some goregasmic megadeath to Zakk's dad, who has come down with a bad case of demonic possession. Grab some tissues, things are about to get messy.”