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The "real-life kids"Gunars Elmuts

A film about the kids who inspired Kids needs to happen

‘The Kids’ wants to tell the tale of the real-life individuals skating through downtown New York’s subcultures

Larry Clark’s seminal film Kids is 20 years old. Two decades later and the coming-of-age film is still telling new stories. The Kids is a documentary focussing on the kids who inspired the film and the grit of 90s New York that set such a vital backdrop for the seminal youth movie.

"We’ll not only highlight how various cultural displays of inner turmoil manifested as they did, but also celebrate the 1990s: the dying breath of old New York," say the filmmakers on their Kickstarter page.

"We grew up in the 1980s and ‘90s when New York City subcultures thrived: skateboarding, pre-gentrified downtown, Hip Hop, punk, and the rave and club scenes. Kids barely glossed the surface of the poverty, racism, and segregation we experienced in real life, behind the scenes.

"This film is about our real lives and the real stories that inspired Kids, as well as the lives lost in the journey: Harold Hunter, Justin Pierce, Keenan Milton, Mike Cardona, and Sajan Bhagat. This film is for them."

Larry Clark is reportedly firmly behind the project and wants to see the film made. Head here to see the "real-life kids" discuss smoking weed, drinking malt liquor, skating 24 hours a day and why this doc has to be made.

"It’s my story, it’s our story, it’s your story."