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Jesse Pinkman’s Breaking Bad party house is for sale

If you have about £1 million lying around then you can live like the world’s hottest (fictional) meth cook

Breaking Bad is still widely regarded as one of the finest TV shows to ever grace this world’s screens. People love it. It’s spawned restaurants, copycat criminals and a not-quite-as-good spin-off show. Now Jesse Pinkman’s house is on the market for just over £1 million, and is surely set to attract some devoted fans. Got loads of cash and want to move to Albuquerque? Get bidding.

The interior of the house looks exactly as it did in the show as it was redecorated for the set, so megafans can authentically pretend to be Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), if that’s their thing. In the show, the house was used for murders, meth cooking and some pretty wild/horrific parties. 

The estate agents responsible for the listing are clearly hoping to cash in on the Breaking Bad craze by mentioning the history of the show on a custom-designed website made to reflect the programme’s aesthetic. They entice punters with the tagline “live like Jesse!” and remind potential bidders that they can own a piece of cultural history, as well as a really beautiful house. The estate agents are also selling Gretchen and Elliott’s house – cool place, not quite as cult.

The basement meth lab isn’t included in the listing and fortunately neither are Jesse’s waster friends who spend all day on the sofa getting high.