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Britain’s LSD use doubles in two years

Ecstasy usage has also risen by 84 per cent – the majority say that they’re buying drugs from friends or colleagues rather than dealers

If you spent the Sixties as a teenager (you didn’t), the chances are you came across the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Over time, as uppers such as cocaine and ecstasy flooded the UK, the drug slid out of fashion and tripping became something largely ignored by mainstream UK youth. But according to the government’s latest Drug Misuse report, taking LSD is back in a big way – in fact usage has doubled in the past two years.

Why is this? One theory is the emergence of the darknet as a viable way to purchase drugs. Acid is not something traditionally carried around by street dealers, who tend to stick to the club crowd favourites – cocaine and MDMA. But the sprawl of darknet marketplaces that carry an infinite range of substances for sale has made previously rarer drugs far more accessible. Maybe Brits were just taking the drugs readily available – it’s a possibility that now there’s more on the table we’re experimenting further. The 2014 Global Drugs Survey ranked LSD as the third most popular drug on infamous marketplace Silk Road.

However, the Drug Misuse report does say that people are not buying drugs from the internet, with the majority of people who purchase doing so from "friends or colleagues", rather than the conventional method – through dealers. Using the darknet is difficult to get your head around, but there’s always someone you know who knows how to do it. Could there be a bulk buying system going on in friendship circles? Despite the shutdown of Silk Road and the controversial closure of Evolution, the darknet has continued to flourish over the past two years. We’re possibly eschewing the guy in a car for the guy next door.

Or maybe the natural trend cycle is just doing its thing and LSD is organically re-entering the global consciousness. Chance The Rapper has famously talked about the drug in interviews and A$AP Rocky recently released "LSD", accompanied by a suitably "trippy" video.

It isn’t just LSD that’s seen an increase over the past couple of years – ecstasy usage has risen by an enormous 84 per cent. In 2015, there have been numerous articles written about the strength of ecstasy having increased considerably, with pills containing previously unseen dosages of MDMA. Could the rise in strength be a factor as to why we’re taking more?

We’re not exactly sure as to why we’re doing all these drugs, but we’re doing way more than before. Buckle up baby.