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Emoji Wes Anderson

Oh God, there’s going to be an emoji movie

And you thought Minions were bad? Sony Pictures is bringing emojis to the big screen

Disclaimer: we use emoji all the time. But then there a lot of things we use and do everyday that probably don’t need to permeate the world of Hollywood meeting rooms and then without further ado, cinemas near you.

Inspired by the ubiquity of the constantly evolving language, Sony Pictures Animation is making an emoji movie, proving that literally anything we do with regularity will be repackaged in a different format and sold again.

According to Slash Film, the movie will be animated, ruling out sex scenes with aubergines covering genitals, people giggling with that static cry-laugh emoji placed in front of their faces and heart symbols hovering each time people kiss? Actually, that sounds brilliant.

We’re sure that the emojis will all be lent personalities of their own, with various symbols taking lead and support roles, but we’ve no idea what shape the plot will take. Who knows? Sony will have to be careful to make sure that the film’s character representation is racially diverse, given the recent demand for an update to the language’s rather broadly yellow pallet.

As emoji are in the public domain, there was reportedly an intense bidding war between studios because there are no rights to purchase, making it a cost-friendly punt for a company like Sony. The as yet untitled film will be co-written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis.