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Want to study Kim Jong-un’s regime at University?

The University of Central Lancaster is offering a course on life in North Korea under the enigmatic dictator

You can study more or less anything at university now; wasting time on the internet, drag queens, or Beyoncé. If you attend the University of Central Lancaster, you can now also study North Korea’s Dear Leader, Kim Jong-un, and the regime over which he rules.

The university is offering an MA to study the notoriously tyrannical leader and the £5,000 course will enlighten students about the life of the 24.9 million people living under the dictator and offer the chance to learn North Korean.

The highly-secretive North Korea is a divisive place, with supporters declaring it and its people misunderstood and its detractors describing it as an ultra-controlling police state that allows its elite to flourish and its poor to suffer.

Professor Hazel Smith, who is teaching the course, has lived and worked in North Korea and wants to put to bed some misconceptions about the North Korean population. She said: “They do not believe state propaganda. They are largely cynical about the government. As for Kim Jong-un, he certainly does not rule on his own. No one really knows who has what level of power within the ruling elite.”

Given that it’s a country shrouded in mystery, we‘re intrigued as to what shape the course will take. North Korea is for the most part shut off from the internet and infamous for its reluctance to let tourists visit, although this attitude appears to be relaxing. Learn something about North Korean attitudes to Western culture here; we watched James Franco’s The Interview with a North Korean defector.