North Korea

Beauty App
Science & TechA beauty app has just been launched in North Korea
Moranbong Band
MusicNorth Korea sends pop star to talks with South Korea
Bamseom (1)
Film & TVThe trash-smashing Korean grindcore band making shitty music
North Korea
PoliticsWas this North Korean defector and TV star abducted?
Laibach - Liberation Day
MusicFollowing the first western band to play in North Korea
Otto Warmbier
Arts+CultureStudent dies after being detained for a year in North Korea
MusicLana Del Rey writes new song on way back from Coachella
Arts+CultureTalking to Werner Herzog about volcanoes and death
Arts+CultureThe North Korean dictator who kidnapped two movie stars
louis cole
Arts+CultureYouTuber visiting North Korea denies being ‘propaganda tool’
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 09.59.55
Arts+CultureUS student given 15 years hard labour in a North Korean camp
Omid Scheybani
PhotographyCapturing daily life inside North Korea, on an iPhone
kimunji emoji
Arts+CultureKim Jong-un declares emoji war on Kim Kardashian
Arts+CultureNorth Korea are showering cigarette butts on South Korea
Arts+CultureNorth Korea claims to have invented hangover-free booze
bang bang k-pop
MusicSouth Korea is blasting K-Pop music at North Korea
kim jong-un
Arts+CultureNorth Koreans ‘ordered’ to style their hair like Kim Jong-un
Amalia Ulman
Arts+CultureThe Instagram artist taking on North Korea
A Clockwork Orange
MusicA history of pop music as a military weapon
@pemberton Instagram
PhotographyThis Instagrammer shares pictures of life in North Korea
FashionPrada in Pyongyang: North Korea’s new look
kim jong un
Arts+CultureWant to study Kim Jong-un’s regime at University?
MusicWho are the avant-garde band playing in North Korea?
Arts+CultureWikileaks has published every single email from Sony leak