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Larger-than-life eccentric Iris Apfel has been the apple of fashion’s eye for all of her 93 years. In Iris, the penultimate film from documentarian Albert Maysles, she tells us why it’s so important to have fun dressing up. Released July 31.via Dogwoof

The leftfield summer films you shouldn’t miss

High school outsiders, gangster twins and sexual free spirits – polish off your summer with these must-see movies

Let’s get real for a minute – how many of you have spent your summer thinking you’d achieve some #squadgoals, learn a new language and work on your sunburn tattoo, but, in reality, spent a buttload of time under a duvet catching up on Orange is the New Black? Maximise your lazy and drag yourself to the cinema – there’s a flood of unforgettable flicks worthy of a watch.

Leave the house, pass on the usual indie duplicates and plunge into this summer’s films before “Wake Me Up When September Ends” starts popping up on your friends’ Spotify activity. In the realms of infotainment, N.W.A. is getting a biopic; Eden will treat us to Daft Punk’s origin story. Fashion’s last original eccentric, Iris Apfel, gives us an intimate peek into her wardrobe. Time travel back to the 70s for a sexual teen liberation in Sundance breakout The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Click through the gallery below, earmark your faves, and give your end of summer plans the cold shoulder.