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Kendall Jenner Deep Dream
Kendall Jennervia Dream Deeply

We put our favourite Dazed covers through #dreamdeeply

Google’s bizarre algorithm experiment threw up some serious surprises when we tried it with FKA twigs, Kendall Jenner and Grimes

Google’s "Deep Dream" software has flooded the internet with trippy, seasick reincarnations of pretty normal, stock images. If you’ve noticed considerably more psychedelic dog-focussed pictures online in your news feed over the past few weeks, Deep Dream is why. The algorithm is based on facial recognition software and because our databases are packed with pictures of dogs, that’s often what’s thrown back out.

Dream Deeply is a website that allows you to feed any image through the algorithm and have it emailed back to you – we decided to put it to the test with some of our favourite Dazed covers; Grimes, Azealia Banks and twigs. What comes out is some seriously horrible surrealist art. Are the results totally horrifying, or the art direction we should have taken in the first place?