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Urban Outfitters
"OMG that's a picture of us on #UrbanOutfittersBeLike"via Tumblr

The internet is taking the piss out of Urban Outfitters

#UrbanOutfittersBeLike makes light of the corporation's relentless drive to culturally appropriate at extortionate prices

If you ask that girl at a music festival where she got her "ethnic inspired" £10 face gems or overpriced Native American themed garms, it's possible that she'll say "Urban Outfitters". The corporation has made big bucks helping people to culturally appropriate and mildly offend for years – here comes a backlash.

#UrbanOutfittersBeLike mocks the brand's tendency to draw inspiration from subcultures and ethnic communities, along with its desire also to sell Any Old Shit to teenagers at a massive markup. A glance at the Urban Outfitters website reveals a very overpriced straw and PVC hats (we'd pay not to wear a black PVC bucket hat, thanks), a small piece of black leather for £12, and this leather harness with an RRP of £50.

Disclaimer: I've shopped at Urban Outfitters before, but we ain't family or anything so here's a load of good tweets mocking all that modern, culturally weird bric-a-brac that's all over their stores.