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Kim Kardashian is giving a talk on female objectification

What words of wisdom can we expect from the selfie queen?

Selfie queen Kim Kardashian is giving a talk at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California later this month about a number of topics, including her family, the business of millennial culture, and perhaps most interestingly, the objectification of women. It's described as a 'lecture/seminar', and unsurprisingly the $300 tickets have already sold out.

Her credentials are listed as: "Her biological father famously represented OJ Simpson, and her Olympic athlete stepparent Caitlyn Jenner made headlines recently when she came out as transgender. Kim is half of the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, Kimye, and she recently 'broke the internet' with her bum on the cover of Paper magazine."

It might seem a little weird that the owner of what is perhaps the world's most famous derrière is giving a talk on the objectification of women, but then again, perhaps she is the perfect person to speak on it. She's released a book of her selfies and has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter (arguably there more for her selfies than her words) she's completely in control of her own objectification. It's even been argued that she invented the selfie.

But we're guessing not everyone will be into the talk. Molly Soda is someone who has used her body and her self-objectification in a similar way, and our recent feature on her was met with criticism that she was 'attention seeking' and that it wasn't a valid way to make art. 

Is it anti-feminist to profit from and market your own body? Or is it a form of emancipation and liberation? Maybe Kim K has the answers; either way, we're excited to see what she has to say.