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Why Enrique Iglesias' drone injury is happening to all of us

The pop star's struggle to embrace a terrifying, airborne machine is a common, modern tragedy that we're all playing out

We've all been there – it's 4.30am in your flat and your mate's mate has begun lecturing everybody about this cool film he's seen (it's I, Robot) where machines take over the world and how it's going to happen to us eventually if we don't all delete Google Chrome ASAP and stop using self-service machines.

Everybody nods, privately wishing he'd shut the fuck up, but then we all wake up on Monday morning and a drone has actually attacked Enrique Iglesias, that guy our mums fancy, that man that used to have a mole, that man who used to be married to be Anna Kournikova, the best-selling Latino artist we'd forgotten about until machines destroyed his hand and began in earnest their campaign to take over the world. Jesus Christ, you say at your desk - that stupid guy was right.

40-year old Iglesias was performing in Tijuana, Mexico when mid-set he reached for a camera drone that was hovering around him in what appears to have been a bid to show his fans the world through his eyes. Big mistake buddy. What he didn't realise was that drones are capable of more or less anything – they can deliver drugs to prisons, bomb entire regions and rip Enrique Iglesias' hands open.

Here's the man himself at that crucial moment; panicking like a child trapped in the doors of an elevator, caught in that horrible transition between excitement and fear, adrenaline absolutely everywhere.

Like all of us in 2015, Iglesias was confronted by a future he doesn't quite understand. "You didn't tell me drones could slice my hands open!" he (probably) shouted at his tour manager. Here is a man sliding out of his golden years and into the darkness, attempting to confront this brave new world and join in with all the terrifying things about it because he doesn't really have a choice.

We're all sat stationary while simultaneously rattling along at 150mph, coming to terms with the idea of a Will Smith film as prophecy, wondering how long our civilisation actually has left, thinking how cool it'd be to have a drone, unable to trust contactless cards and struggling to make a decent gif.

As we're all told – not just performers – the show must go on and Iglesias bravely battled through the rest of his gig covered in blood, having been assaulted by an actual robot. He's been posting photos making light of it on his Instagram, because what else can you do? But out there in this world of ours are a million dangerous things we don't understand and perhaps aren't even scared of. Like Iglesias, we're trying out everything and nothing, hurtling into a blank unknown. Mark my words, there will be blood.