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The Queen has promised to crack down on legal highs

In today's speech, Her Majesty announced that the Tory government will ‘ban the new generation of psychoactive substances’

The Tory government is to introduce a Psychoactive Substances Bill, as was announced by the Queen in her speech opening the first all-conservative parliament for two decades. Weird that the Queen announces these things isn't it? Anyway, she's fed up of hearing about legal highs like Benzo Fury, Ivory Wave or Spice and wants them banned.

A blanket ban will be introduced on any substance that the government considers capable of causing a psychoactive effect, meaning no distribution, sale or permission of any such drugs is prohibited. As is the norm, the Tories stuck some "hard working citizens" rhetoric in the announcement for all the hard working citizens who just can't stay away from legal highs.

As well as drugs, the Queen said that the government will be cracking down on illegal immigrants and also confirmed David Cameron's plan to make unemployed people aged 18-21 work for benefits if they've been out of a job for over six months. "New legislation will modernise the law on communications data", which is doublespeak for "we're going to watch and listen in a lot more".

All sounds rather bleak doesn't it? To cheer you up, here's Theresa May looking on stonefaced while the Queen says "psychoactive drugs" in public for the first time.