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Homophobes try to hate Ireland, hate Ivory Coast by mistake

The Westboro Baptist Church made a laughable attempt to hate on the country's landmark same-sex marriage referendum

On Friday, Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising same-sex marriage. Naturally, loudmouth homophobes the Westboro Baptist Church weren't impressed by the referendum and used their Twitter account to remind everyone that Ireland is going to hell. While the bigoted religious zealots are extremely good at hating everything, they're not so hot on geography – the flag they tweeted wasn't Ireland's, it was the Ivory Coast's.

In the video below, this guy has absolutely no idea what he's doing with this "fag flag", flipping it around incessantly with the excuse that it's the "only way to show a nation in distress".

The church is notorious for its targeting of anyone and everyone that it believes to be supporters of gay rights. This includes more or less anyone who isn't them, even Robin Williams was labelled a "fag pimp" because of his outspoken support for gay rights.

It's unlikely that Ireland will be too concerned by the Westboro Baptist Church's homophobic rhetoric. After a huge Yes vote to legalise same-sex marriage, Ireland has democratically voted to uphold and protect the rights of its gay communities. We'd wager that they aren't too concerned by a group of utterly mad bigots who find flags really difficult.