Watch Rankin and Walter Campbell's new erotic film

‘X’ has been made in collaboration with lingerie connoisseurs Coco De Mer and ‘embodies the transgression from banality to wonder’

Under The Skin writer Walter Campbell and legendary photographer Rankin have paired up for X, a short film about sex that's something of a sensory overload, made in partnership with underwear and sex toy brand Coco De Mer. Using a combination of found footage, seductive acting and an at times brutal soundtrack, X invites you into an otherworldly erotic realm; mixing danger, violence and sex.

“The film embraces the sense of the ambient mind and what it might be inspired by, the transgression from banality into wonder”, says Campbell.

“More and more I feel we enter the hinterlands of that dream state simply because the mind seeks something wilder, that unpredictable thing, the surprise moment. The film speaks about the morphing of these possibilities, and evokes Coco de Mer’s evolution of erotic thought. Coco de Mer embodies those wonderful flights of imagination that steer the mind to more extraordinary, more vital energies, and this campaign is an exciting platform for the brand to open up the erotic conversation even further.”

It wasn't just Rankin and Campbell that worked on X – a group of emerging directing talent lent their names to the project, with Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Trisha WardDamien Fry and Joe Hunt and Bronwen Parker-Rhodes all involved.