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The zines, photo books and prints to scout out this weekend

We went through Offprint London’s programme so you don’t have to – mock up your itinerary here as it hits the capital today

Want to indulge in a cultural adventure this month? Have a love for all things book-wormy? Take yourself over to the Tate Modern this May for Offprint London, the travelling art publishing fair making its way to the UK this year. The event is one of the best cultural offerings to hit the capital this year, and whether you’re a still-photography enthusiast, a zine freak, comic book fan or all of the above, Offprint prides itself on its ability to bring together global independent publishers to celebrate print publishing and digital cultures within the art world. As there are over 70 independent book publishers gearing up to show their wares at Offprint, we've gone through the exhibition guide so you don't have to.


4478zine publishes and promotes printed matter by Dutch artist Erik van der Weijde. Through a range of books and zines, 4478zine believes in questioning social phenomena and does so through their bold production and challenging designs. Check out Subway magazine — a new artist magazine by Weijde and 4478zine, which features works by contemporary artists, with most of its content coming from eBay and Wikipedia.


Established in 2010, London-based publishers Antenne Books specialise in publications on art, photography, design, illustration and more. They distribute a massive selection of books, zines and magazines — including Discharge by Petra Collins (published by another Dazed fave Capricious) which explores images of self discovery and femininity on and offline — they are definitely worth visiting at Offprint this year.


Arcadia Missa take on many roles as part gallery/publisher. What began as a self-organised space in the UK has exceeded beyond expectations creating many curatorial and art projects beyond their own gallery space. What’s even more impressive is Arcadia Missa’s publications, which are currently split into three separate series, How to Sleep Faster, Artist Books, and Anthology, and the standout novel Danklands by Holly Childs.


New York-based Capricious is a magazine and art book publisher founded by Swedish photographer Sophie Mörner. Starting out as a fine art photography magazine in 2004, Capricious Publishing has gone on to produce artist monographs and publications, including Girls Like Us (GLU), LTTR V, Famous, and, our personal favourite, Hustlers, a photographic series taken by Los Angeles-based artist Eve Fowler.


Donlon Books aims to provoke thought through offering an idiosyncratic selection of books and printed matter, hand-picked directly from independent publishers. Since its launch in 2008, Donlon Books has played a large role in supporting artist book publishing through regular events, readings, screenings and promoting titles that are often harder to find at bigger retailers. One of the books we particularly love is Fire in Cairo by Matthew Connors, which explores the political turmoil of Egypt and its revolutionary struggle.


So how does one prepare students for working life? It's a question many have struggled to answer, yet ECAL is dedicated to exploring this. As a State-funded public institution, ECAL has become a leading source for art and design, using world-renowned artists and designers to help enrich students. Publications you can expect to find at ECAL include Mockup x 36 – a book featuring editorial projects produced by students, under the leadership of ECAL art direction master, François Rappo and Pierre Fantys.


This small independent publisher based in South London produces handmade limited edition books and places emphasis on finding new upcoming creatives, as well as established artists like Emilie Lindsten and Pascal Greco. Check out Peckham Loves Me by Steve Ball and Mirage by Henry Roy for their top shelf stuff.


Zurich-based publishers Nieves is all about artist books and zines. Some of their books include the works of Kim Gordon and Harmony Korine, and a long list of interesting publications including Solon by New York photographer Ari Marcopoulos – a story of two brothers separated by the Atlantic ocean.


MACK is an international publisher operating worldwide. They specialise in rare books like Passing Through Eden by Tod Papageorge, special editions including Kikuji Kawada, Bertien van Manen and interesting titles like I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed. But all I could do was to get drunk again. If that doesn’t peak your interest, we're not sure what will.


Ditto Press is an international print and publishing company that specialises in printing production for artists, designers, illustrators and photographers. The London-based company are the ultimate one stop print shop, with a range of prints, posters, stationary and books like hi you are beautiful how are you by Valerie Phillips and God Listens to the Slayer by Sanna Charles. Beyond publishing, they also have a book shop, gallery, and they run a design studio. Interesting fact: They offer a broad range of classes including the art of taxidermy.

Can't get enough? We've pulled together a gallery of publishing goodness that you can expect to find this weekend: