How to go from chicken farming to the silver screen

Get to know the small-town star of The Goob, who went from plucking chickens to a lead role in this rural drama

Taken from the Winter 2014 issue of Dazed:

Wearing nothing but Y-fronts, a young man steps off the bus on a Norfolk dirt road with the driver’s curt send-off, “Have a good life, son. If you can get out of this shithole.” Twenty-year-old Liam Walpole is having a trousers-off breakout moment in Guy Myhill’s directorial debut The Goob, whose bleakly beautiful mise-en-scene does for East Anglia what Gummo did for rural Ohio. Whether he’s flinging mud at his mates, riding his motorbike or dodging his mum’s agro new boyfriend, Walpole is perfect in the role of the titular teen, and no wonder: he grew up down the road from where filming took place…


“I worked in a chicken farm recently. I was in dispatch, so mainly I was labeling the boxes of dead chickens and stacking them to one side on pallets ready to be wrapped up and shipped out. Soon, I couldn’t do it any more.”


“I think a lot of myself shows in The Goob. Guy (Myhill) said he chose me because I’m like the character, as far as personality goes. I used to have all my friends and we’ve all split up. A lot of them have girlfriends, a lot have children. I feel left out. I kind of feel Like an outsider, and I think that made it easier for me to play the part.”


“I was scared and nervous to start with. We shot over a month – Guy didn’t want the lines repeated exactly, so I judged it was better to only half know them. I did stupid things like talking to myself. Then I did exactly the same thing while walking or waving my arms around – I looked like a monkey”

The Goob is released in the UK on May 29