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Ed Miliband says he would love his sons if they were trans

The Labour leader says that he loves his children ‘unconditionally’ and would support them no matter what

Bruce Jenner has singlehandedly ignited a global conversation about trans rights with his landmark ABC interview, and now Ed Miliband is moving the conversation a little closer to home in a revealing Q&A session with PinkNews.

As the Labour leader launched his LGBT manifesto in Brighton, he fielded questions from locals about his take on trans issues. One audience member asked: "If one of your sons, Daniel or Samuel, was to identify as a gender different to that they were assigned at birth, how would you feel and how would you act? Would there be a difference between the two?" 

Miliband replied: "I love my sons unconditionally – and I would do my best to be as supportive as possible.”

In the run-up to the general election, Labour has made a number of LGBT-friendly pledges, including the implementation of character education to help prevent homophobic bullying, a promise to strengthen laws on hate crimes and to appoint an LGBT rights diplomatic envoy to represent the country abroad.

The party has also fielded its first trans candidate, Emily Brothers, to fight for the Sutton and Cheam seat in Greater London.

Answering another question, Miliband also revealed that he attended a same-sex marriage before Christmas and had a whale of a time, describing it as a "great bash" and saying that he hoped he'd "be invited to something similar soon". He also hit out at "gay cure" treatment and promised that Labour public money would never be spent on them.

Is it too late to add Ed to our list of trans trailblazers?