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This artist would like you to send her your cum shots

Faith Holland wants to incorporate your bodily fluids into her newest work

Have you ever harboured dreams of being a muse or contributing to art, but lack the necessary skills, feminine beauty or qualifications? Good news, because multimedia artist Faith Holland is looking for people to help out with her latest work, "Ookie Canvases". All you need to possess is a fully functioning penis and a smartphone. 

"I am looking for anonymous submissions of CUM SHOTS that will be used as part of an artwork," Holland writes in a call-out on Rhizome. "Submissions will be accepted from any and all genders as long as it is fluid emitted as the result of an orgasm."

Holland's work has spanned everything from autobiographical gifs of her four cats and RedTube porn interventions, in which she draws viewers in with titles like "solo girl" before hitting them with something truly weird (like a video of herself shaving her legs with whipped cream).  

If you want to contribute to Holland's latest project, there are a few guidelines. You have to come on your own flesh, cell phone photos are preferred and you have to "try to keep the jizz in focus". If you're not a solo cummer, the other people depicted in the photo need to have given their consent.

Finally, any anonymous donors should crop, blur or erase anything that might give away your identity in the photo.

Mildly titillated already? Check out one of Holland's "Ookie Canvases" below. You can find more submission information over on Rhizome here