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Jennifer Abessira, Soho Revue
"Worse Is Better", 2011Courtesy of the gallery and the artist

Soho’s second coming

Jennifer Abessira is one of the first artists on show at a new gallery injecting fresh creative blood into central London’s scene

While we watch on as Soho is culturally flattened as the closure of some of its key (see: institutionall) venues hits an all-time high, a new opening is perhaps the last thing we thought we’d see. Defying this debasing of Soho is Soho Revue, a new contemporary art gallery opening on Greek Street with the aim to “get a bit of the old Soho back”. “By pushing the art scene away from the centre of London, the city faces the risk of losing its artistic pulse,” gallery director Marine Tanguy tells us. Their first exhibition is set to open next week and will feature a handful of artists including Scarlett Bowman, Walter Hugo and Jennifer Abessira.

The latter, Parisian born artist Abessira will be exhibiting her project Elastique – a collection of images presented in pairs and inspired by the multifaceted order of society and the hyperreality of the digital age. She says: “The connections I make in my project are very spontaneous. It is an ongoing cultural archive, manifested in blog form.” Using the internet as her playground, Abessira juxtaposes her own images against those she cherrypicks online, explaining, “The Internet era makes me feel like I live in a timeless period. I totally encourage the fact that we've entered an era of cross-pollination when a Matisse can connect with a designer chair, a cinematic frame and a Tumblr image.”

Soho Revue is opening on 14 April. Click here for more information