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Liberal Democrats try to cover ‘Uptown Funk’, fail miserably

‘Hey look everyone, we're connecting with the youth vote!’

As the election looms, political parties are going to be busting their collective guts to make sure that they've connected with every single available demographic to win those precious votes. One elusive segment of the population? Young people, also known as "the voters who mistrust politicians because they lie about things like tuition fees", but more widely known to the Liberal Democrats' marketing team as "the people what really love Grumpy Cat and viral videos!!!"

This is the thinking behind the Lib Dems' latest political video, which splices Nick Clegg's speeches over the backing track to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk". Kind of like Cassetteboy did with this clip of David Cameron "rapping" over "Lose Yourself", then, except not funny and not half as well-executed. The difference being everyone else laughed at Cassetteboy's video and moved on, while some political parties didn't. They just ripped it off. 

The results are like seeing a midlife crisis condensed into a minute-long YouTube video, and may make you want to dig your own eyes out with a teaspoon. 

Watch it through your hands below:

Watch the much, much better Cassetteboy video below: