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Uppekha Jain & Pankhuri Awasthi - BomBaebs

Watch two Indian women rapping about rape

Watch Uppekha Jain & Pankhuri Awasthi perform an acapella rap on the objectification of women

People protesting against rape is far from over – in fact it’s only really just begun. The most recent brave and hard-hitting twosome to take on the topic aren't scared to tell the internet what they think. “I’ll wear what I want even if it’s mini; it’s only a dress, don’t for a second think it’s a yes, say Pankhuri Awasthi and Uppekha Jain, a "rap duo" who call themselves "BomBaebs".

Awasthi and Jain, both from Mumbai, deliver a hard-hitting message on sexual violence in India in their three minute rap. India is a country besieged by issues surrounding rape – earlier this month government officials controversially chose to ban the screening of India's Daughter from national television, a documentary that focussed on a young woman who died after being beaten and gang raped on a Delhi bus.

This week, more tragedy struck the country when a 71-year-old nun was gang raped in India, prompting Awasthi and Jain to record and perform their #RapAgainstRape, a dextrous lyrical performance that flips between English and Hindi.

In the song, the two women ask men to “grow some balls and ban criminals in parliament." The issue of women's rights is a global one, but it's currently dominating conversation in India, as people finally start to strike back against its poor record on rape.

Words such as "domestic violence", "assault" and "patriarcy" are held up on placards as they call for change. With protesters taking to the streets of India to shout loud about rape, Indian women rapping on YouTube and a worldwide spotlight thrown on India's attitudes towards sexual violence, it seems as though some people in the country may be forced to change.