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The "Wankband"

Pornhub wants to save the world with a wankband

Even porn streaming megasites are getting on board with wearable tech

Masturbating is up there with breathing, sleeping and talking on the list of things that human beings do all the fucking time. Pornography website Pornhub is consistently inventive when it comes to throwing a little light on the habits of the sexual deviants of Planet Earth (see the interactive world map of which countries come quickest), but the company's foray into wearable tech aims to save the world by converting our filthy habits into sustainable energy.

Given that the site gets an average of 40 million horny, energy eating visitors per day, it seems only right that somebody looks to harness all that manpower. "Wankband" is a device that you strap on before settling down for a bit of X-rated "you time" and creates power when moved in an up and down motion, storing the electricity in a kinetic charger inside the band. Now you can reuse that 100% sustainable energy to charge your phone and forget feeling guilty about all that wanking you do. It's for the planet.

Unfortunately, the "Wankbands" have not been made available to order just yet, but you can sign up to be a BE(A)TA tester on the Pornhub site and try what it's like to wank in the name of sustainable. Less sexy, maybe? Does anyone get turned on by the prospect of being eco-friendly?

It's clear that Pornhub has a conscience about the conservation of the planet. In April of last year it celebrated Arbor Day by planting a tree for every 100 videos watched in its "big dick" category and now it's made headway into wearable wanking tech. Watch the "Wankband" demonstration below.