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Pornhub: saving the forests, one tree at a timevia

Pornhub gives America wood with tree-planting campaign

To celebrate Arbor Day, the porno site promises to plant a tree for every hundred videos watched in its ‘big dick’ category

What do millions of people (possibly secretly) really like? Pornography. And what do loads of people say they like but never do anything about? Conserving our environment. In recognition of this, Pornhub is pledging to plant a tree for every hundred porn videos watched on its site to commemorate Arbor Day, the international holiday that encourages people to care for trees.

The campaign, called Pornhub Gives America Wood, will donate one tree to the world for every tree watched in its "big dick" category. So far, over 12,000 trees are set to be planted, which means would-be environmentalists have viewed over a million adult videos. Caveat: Pornhub have yet do disclose where, or which environmental company they'll be working with to grow their wood.

You might think that Pornhub are the only deviants to combine sex, trees and environmentalism, but you'd be wrong. Last year, the Polish director Michal Marczak sparked controversy with his documentary Fuck For Forest, a collaboration with a European NGO of the same name. The motley crew of earth hippies and sex freaks raise money by taping orgies and contribute it to rainforest conservation efforts in Latin America. 

You can watch the trailer below. Guess we should all start watching more sex and saving the planet, huh?

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