Cracking the urban legend of Fargo’s treasure

Watch a lonely office worker follow her obsession with the Coen brothers’ masterpiece to the American Midwest

In 2001, an office worker from Tokyo named Takako Konishi took a serpentine pilgrimage though the American Midwest in search of the missing money Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) hides in the Coen brothers' Fargo (1996). It never came to fruition, and sadly ended in her suicide. In a fictitious recreation of Konishi and her crusade, Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter follows Kumiko as she almost wordlessly journeys through the bitter Minnesota cold to crack this urban legend. Below, Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi (BabelPacific Rim) talks about her undying love of Fargo and Konishi's fierce commitment. 

Kumiko star Rinko Kikuchi: “I saw Fargo on a VHS when I was in my early 20s. It was the first Coen brothers film I ever saw. Since then, I’ve been a fan. It was a shock when I first saw it. I saw it alone and I was like wow! It’s different, thrilling, and it has this quality that is like a fairytale. That’s why I think it continues to fascinate people. (In Kumiko), I liked the fact that she completely believed that the film Fargo was factual. She is a committed believer without any shred of doubt. I respect that about her. She desperately wanted to go to Fargo and she thought that this person who was being nice to her would take her to where she wanted to go. I like my life, so I don’t need a mystery that would take me around the world. Watching it in the film is enough for me.”

Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter is out in cinemas today