Ariel Pink stars as taxi driver in short film Vagabond

The Pom Pom popstar turns his hand to acting alongside Friends' Samantha Urbani

The man who Azealia Banks calls "Stink Pink" has shown that as well as being an extremely prolific songwriter, he's got acting chops too. Vagabond is a short film in a series by Australian filmmaker Johann Rashid, in which Ariel Pink plays a slacker cab driver working the streets of LA. The film is set to debut at the Melbourne music and arts festival Sugar Mountain on 24 January.

In the clip below, Pink picks up Tim Koh, who plays bass in his band, and subjects him to some scatty psychoanalysis ("you seem like a troubadour"). Then he collects Friends frontwoman and Dev Hynes' collaborator Samantha Urbani. His opening question? "Are you a hooker?" She then goes on to – spoiler alert – steal his cab.

The film appears to be very much in the vain of Jim Jarmusch's Night On Earth, which depicts the intimate, fleeting relationships formed between cabbie and passenger. Compare and contrast the two with a clip from Jarmusch's 1991 film, below: