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Cally Spooner
"Damning evidence illicit behaviour"Cally Spooner

Artists we’re watching out for in 2015

The names and faces you need to be keeping an eye on in the art world this year

The artists we've had our eye for a while on have sparked a few fires this year – Ed Fornieles and Adham Faramawy to name but two. But as we look forward to the New Year, new things and new faces we’ve – in no particular order – selected an entirely subjective list of artists we’ll be keeping an eye on in 2015.

Personal and political combine inMcCarther's work as she addresses how as a body and as a citizen we navigate space and our built environment. The New York artist's work follows in the footsteps of critical spatial practitioners like Nils Norman, whilst finding a distinct voice through her subjective experience, presented at a distance through materials.


Mushroom farming in the Mycological Twist with partner Anne de Boer at new project space Jupiter Woods, Parisian born Bonneviot is laying roots in London.


Though she is a more established artist, having recently shown with Frieze and the New Museum, Takala's star is only going to shine brighter this year as she starts racking up larger institutional shows.


Goddard's blend of text, sound and moving image combined in his recent installation at Matt’s, which fused a heady concoction of deadpan voiceover meandering through the mundane and extraordinary off-set with a mesmeric filmic journey down a water slide interior.


Taking liveness as a medium, Spooner's devising process – drawn from sources including documentary film legend William Grieves and Mike Leigh – means that the results of her work are not known until it is performed or spoken through the body of her actors.


The immersive installation artist is taking up the Nina Stewart Residency at South London Gallery this coming Summer, after having been one of the most talked about artists of the Goldsmiths MA show.


After graduating from the RCA several years ago, Sagar has been steadily growing her ambitions, continuing to work across performance and video.


A Berlin-based artist who's exhibited alongside Oliver Osbourne and Emanuel Röhss, Ruf's works marks him out as a painter who packs a punch.


Auer's work embodies a material criticality as he researches and produces in response to trade and market aesthetics, design materials and use value.


The off-beat thinking-through attitude to public furniture and structures of human bodies, buildings and emotions moulded through materials including Perspex, padded beanbags, chrome finished metal and sand- blasted steel make the work awkward, at times surreal, slick and seductive.


The standout work at the Film and Video Umbrella award hosted at Jerwood Space this year, Simnett's film was a magical realist portrayal of childhood, coming of age and uncomfortable fleshy shots of robotic-dairy farming.


Beer cans as wall mounted Prayer Wheels, peepholes and PS3 game graphics all manifest across Stahl's work. Having recently shown at Carlos Ishikawa and now represented by Freedman Fitzpatrick LA, she's gaining ground.


They've been around for a couple of years now, but still manage to be the most interesting collective out there. A conglomerate of artists including Fatima al Qadiri – it's their manifesto and attitude to producing art collaboratively that keeps the door ajar for these guys into 2015.


The hypnotic videos draw the viewer into a sense of narrative in which reality is skewed through motion graphics, movement perception in which out of place yet seemingly everyday characters move through a contemporary labour environment with a hint of menace. Her twisted eye roams through a well crafted filmic vocabulary.


Technologically-infused works and thoughtful texts on networks, labour and production make Sanderson an interesting and reflexive artist in the Post-Internet milieux.


Taking on the go-to guys of the art/painting market Batoeva's work is bold, brave and on the up.


Splicing, cutting and layering together imagery to create warped image feedback loops, Rose's films are as affecting as they are complex.


OK so she's pretty established, but this year Mayer walked off – and deservedly so – with the Jarman Film Award whilst her installation room at the Hayward Gallery Mirror City exhibition made the trip for me. Looking forward to much more in 2015.


Vocal feminist and politically astute, Black is a contributor to The New Inquiry, and it's her multifaceted work that renders her one of the most thought provoking artists working at the moment.


Known for her collaborations with Edward Thomasson, the Slade graduate and Open School East 2014 resident is releasing a new film this year to follow up her previous 'Cannibals'.


The 2014 RCA graduate presents carefully constructed, meticulously presented sculptural works with embedded narratives that charm whilst being quietly confident in their close observation.