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The Moodmetric smart ringMoodmetric

The humble mood ring gets a wearable tech update

The Moodmetric Smart Ring can read your emotions and send the info to your smartphone

Your five-year-old sister's mood ring definitely didn't work in the slightest, but a new Finnish startup is trying to change all that with a tiny piece of wearable techMoodmetric claims that its new smart ring is the smallest piece of tech yet to contain a biometric sensor that can sense how you're feeling – and then tell you. 

Niina Venho, COO of Moodmetric, told the International Business Times: "It tracks your emotion levels and reactions. It measures the small changes in your skin which come from the autonomous nervous system reactions which can tell you about your emotional state".

Moodmetric promises that its ring "promotes happiness" and "increases quality of life". The buzzword-friendly company also, quite strangely, describes mental wellbeing on its website as "emotional fitness" and includes quotes from Buddha on the homepage.

Check out someone locked in reverent prayer while weaing the Moodmetric smart ring: 

The ring works by reading energy from the reactions in your nervous system. It then relays this emotional information over Bluetooth to a smartphone app that chronicles all the different moods that you've felt throughout the day. According to Moodmetric, people will be able to gain a greater understanding of what makes them stressed or unhappy and what calms them down.

It sounds like hippie bullshit, but maybe there is a market for the ring in an era when workplace stress is said to be on the rise: you finally get an excuse to avoid the office temp with a nasally voice for the sake of your "emotional fitness".

2015 is the projected launch date for the ring that reads your mind.