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A mock-up of the #PantsUPDontLOOT billboardvia

Darren Wilson supporters crowdfund racist billboard

The bizarre message they're pushing? #PantsUPDontLOOT

As Ferguson braces itself for grand jury's decision on whether police officer Darren Wilson will be indicted by shooting Michael Brown, pro-cop demonstrators have helpfully thrown a tank of petrol onto the already blazing fire. How? By crowdfunding a racist billboard in Florrisant, the place where most of the Ferguson protests have occurred.

They've already raised $3,579 on Indiegogo with 28 days to go. The plan is to buy a billboard with the text #PantsUPDontLOOT, a riff on the "hands up, don't shoot" chant adopted by Ferguson protesters. The tag is also lifted from a National Review article of the same name. Sure, because characterising all Ferguson protesters as looters in low-riding pants totally isn't misleading or racist in any way!

Don Alexander, the man behind the fundraising campaign, told Raw Story: “Whatever funds we receive will go directly to keeping the billboard campaign up as long as possible. If we come to an agreement with a company and can fund it for three months, five months, seven months, we will.”

On his Indiegogo project page, he describes the billboard as such: "This crowdfunding campaign is for the purchase of a billboard in the Ferguson, MO area. The billboard will display black text on a white background with the text '#PantsUPDontLoot'."

Since people are obviously happy to spend their money on a dumb hashtagged billboard, you kind of wonder what motivates them to support someone who shot a teenager six times. Maybe spend your time and energy trying to understand why an 18-year-old was shot dead?