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UKIP leader Nigel Farage
Blackface: just "a bit of fun"?Wikipedia

Want to black up for Halloween? Nigel Farage has your back

The UKIP leader believes people have ‘gone too far’ when it comes to getting offended by blackface

Halloween is drawing closer, which means most people's minds are racing about what controversial costumes to don in order to be the most talked about person at the party. And if you're thinking about blacking up, you have a new ally: UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who dismissed it in the same breath as Mike Read's faux-calypso song as "a bit of fun". 

On ITV show The Agenda, Farage outlined his beliefs that criticism of blackface has "all gone too far now". Earlier this month, David Cameron attracted widespread criticism for posing with a group of blacked-up Morris dancers.

When asked if white people donning blackface was offensive, Farage replied: "I don't think it is, no. We have really gone too far with all of this. There's a huge difference between people causing offence and people doing what Mike Read did and having a bit of fun."

Read, a radio DJ and UKIP supporter, premiered his "UKIP Calypso" song earlier this month. He has since withdrawn the track for sale and apologised for any offence caused by his horrific put-on Jamaican accent and lines such as "illegal immigrants in every town". (For the record, Read once turned off "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood while it was playing on air due to its "obscene lyrics".)

It is unclear whether Nigel Farage has asked any actual black people what they actually think of blackface.

It isn't just the UK that's embroiled in a debate about the rights and wrongs of blacking up. Over in America, white people are getting ready for Halloween in Ray Rice costumes.

Rice is the disgraced NFL player who was caught on security footage knocking fiancée (now his wife) unconscious in a lift. The former Baltimore Ravens member is now serving an indefinite suspension by the NFL after his contract was terminated by his team. 

What happened to dressing up as shit ghosts?