Watch a hilarious clip of Zombeavers

The beaver fever is spreading with this gut-busting horror comedy about zombie beavers on a bender

You're not quite ready for Halloween until you've seen this. Giving new meaning to the phrase "beaver fever", romp'n'roll horror comedy Zombeavers – about possessed zombie beavers (really) – is a lollercoaster ride from beginning to end. It's not novel in the tropes it beats to death (sufficient nudity, 'cabin fever', and creepy old dudes), but it does add something to the horror comedy canon: the kindly, innocent dam-builder we all gnaw and love.

Three girls head out for an all-gal weekend, when their boyfriends show up unannounced. The locals (read: beavers who feed on some nuclear waste) aren't too happy. You can guess what happens next. Here, director Jordan Rubin tells about the making of his beaver bonanza.

Can you describe what is happening in the clip?

Jordan Rubin: The character Jenn (Lexi Atkins) is being attacked by a beaver in the bathroom. She’s been having some trouble with her boyfriend and has decided to take a relaxing shower. All hell breaks loose. Whenever I watch this scene back I wish someone would record a remake of the 80s song 'Mirror in the Bathroom' by The English Beat, only replace the word 'mirror' with 'beaver'.

What was it like filming this scene?

Jordan Rubin: I shot the film practically, meaning that all of the effects were done 'in-camera', without CG. That made things more fun and old school, but it also made the shooting slightly more complicated. We built that bathroom 15 feet up in the air on stilts and the beaver puppeteer, Jonah, had to stand underneath the tub as the shower water was drenching him. And the barn we were shooting in was freezing cold. Then, for the shot of the beaver lunging onto the edge of the bathtub, he was crouched in a fetal position inside the tub so that the camera could not see him. It was very uncomfortable for Jonah because he also had to twist his arm in a specific way to aim the puppet. Then, right before rolling cameras we had to turn the shower on him because it was supposed to be running for the entire scene. It’s only a quick moment in the film but when you’re shooting it’s a lot longer and involves a bunch of takes. He was completely soaked and that beaver puppet got waterlogged as well.

What was the funniest part of filming the bathtub clip?

Jordan Rubin: A lot of the sounds are obviously added in post production. So on the night we were filming that scene I made the beaver tail sounds with my mouth so that the actress Lexi Atkins would know when to react. I knew I wanted it to sound creepy in the final scene, but there’s nothing less threatening than me yelling 'whomp whomp' after yelling 'action'.

How did you create the beaver screech?

Jordan Rubin: There’s a video game I like called 'Left 4 Dead'. The zombies in it sound horrific. I tracked down the talented guy that had made those sounds and he agreed to do our beaver vocalizations. His name is Fred Tatasciore and he’s awesome."

Zombeavers is out now on DVD and Blu-ray, and if you're thirsty for some zombeers head to Beavertown Brewery