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Hattie Stewart
Hattie Stewart is that person who floods magazine covers and photographs with her doodles (although we're not complaining) for more, check out her project ‘Doodle-Bombing’Courtesy of Hattie Stewart

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Here’s your chance to fund a documentary shining a light on the UK artists going tactile

As we drift more and more into the intangible world of the virtual, what hopes are left for our traditional creative industries? Is there really any space left for them in the digital age? Made You Look, an in-the-works documentary from filmmaker and artist Anthony Peters, discusses the future of the UK’s graphic art and illustration scene, wrestling with why so many artists, publishers and agencies are keen to indulge in their more tactile instincts, as opposed to hopping on their laptops. With fears that the looming digital future will lead to the death of pen-on-paper, Peters is looking on the brightside – this could potentially be an exciting new beginning for the DIY art scene.

The feature-length documentary promises to examine the strains between the analogue and digital worlds; offering a window into the lives and workspaces of some of the UK’s top graphic artists. Panning across the kaleidoscopic squiggles of Kate Moross, the stark stencil-work of Anthony Burrill and the electrifying doodles of Hattie Stewart – Made You Look flaunts and flashes all the wonders that we can create with our own two hands. “So many creative people are turning to mediums that take them away from their computers,” Anthony reveals on the film’s Kickstarter page. “Methods of making work that involve making real, tactile items to be cherished and kept, instead of being consumed and forgotten.” It will also provide candid interviews from some of the UK's top design players, including the team behind Nobrow, Super Furry Animal's collaborator Pete Fowler, Fred Deakin and the Peepshow Collective.

In order to get the film off the ground, Made You Look is relying on a Kickstarter campaign to gather the post-production and completion funds, and it has until Monday 3rd November to do so. Dig deep and you could land a special collaborative print from Hattie Stewart and Anthony Burrill or a signed Andrew Rae book. With the film hoping for a Spring 2015 theatrical release, start pledging now.