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The new Twin Peaks book will follow up on its original characters

Twin Peaks book to hit shelves before TV return

‘The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks’ will reveal the fate of the show's original characters

If you can't wait for the return of Twin Peaks, co-creator Mark Frost has announced something that will help tide you over until 2016. A new book titled The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks will serve the bridge the 25-year gap between the original ABC show and the forthcoming Showtime series, which will be set in the present day. 

Publishers Flatiron Books said in a statement that the book, due out in 2015, "reveals what has happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago and offers a deeper glimpse into the central mystery that was only touched on by the original series". 

"This has long been a dream project of mine that will bring a whole other aspect of the world of Twin Peaks to life, for old fans and new," Frost said. "I couldn’t be more thrilled.” 

The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks is the fourth official tie-in book for the series, which includes titles like The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer (1990) and The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes.

However, this is the first novel written by Frost which deals explicitly with events in the show – his only novel in the Twin Peaks universe was the satirical 1991 travel guide Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town

If nothing else, we might find out what happened to the Log Lady.

Watch the announcement of the Showtime series below: