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David Lynch hints at Twin Peaks return

UPDATE: Showtime has just confirmed that the series will return in 2016

Twin Peaks has been off our screens for almost 25 years, but David Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost have hinted that we might be seeing the cult series again.

On Friday, the pair simultaneously tweeted this under the hashtag #damngoodcoffee, a reference to Agent Dale Cooper's hot beverage of choice:

Comeback speculation has been at an all-time high this year, with many fans pointing to the infamous Black Lodge scene in which its doomed heroine Laura Palmer promises, "I'll see you again in 25 years". 

UPDATE: Showtime has just released a teaser video promising that Twin Peaks will return in 2016. A nine-episode series will begin production next year, with Lynch set to direct every single episode. According to Deadlinethe show will be set in the present day.

Lynch and Frost's tweets were also published at 11.30am EST, which happens to be exactly the time that Agent Dale Cooper drives into Twin Peaks for the first time in its debut episode:

Ray Wise, who played Leland Palmer on the show, recently said: "If anything was done, it would be 25 years later. It would never be a remake of anything we already did... A remake, no, but it would be something new and fresh. David always said the town of Twin Peaks is still there; it’s still going on whether we watch it or not."

Fansite Welcome To Twin Peaks believes that there's a good chance the show will be returning to video-streaming service Showtime, pointing out that Frost and Lynch both follow the company's head of PR on Twitter – or at least, they did until Twin Peaks fans started making noise about it. 

Lynch recently filmed extra material for special DVD boxset Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, in which he interviewed the fictional characters of the town about their current lives. But the twin tweets seem to suggest that something much bigger is in store – so we'll have to wait for the big reveal.