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Bend, baby, bend

Are skinny jeans responsible for #Bendgate?

iPhone 6 customers report that Apple's latest product bends out of shape in tight trousers

It's fair to suggest that the new iPhone 6 is aimed at urban-dwelling young professionals – so given that skinny jeans are the go-to leg garment for said demographic, it'd be reasonable to expect that Apple's latest product wouldn't bend out of shape in the pockets of said trousers. But apparently that's exactly what happens. Ladies and gentleman, #Bendgate is upon us – and it even has its own Twitter account.

Back in July, speculation hit the internet that the iPhone 6 would have a flexible display. Now it turns out that it does bend. Just by mistake. Seems like some cargo-panted executives at Apple missed out something crucial during the development stages.

This is the latest hiccup to hit Apple's latest series of products. Since the iOS 8 update launched last week, a hoax spread over Reddit and 4chan told users that an exclusive new feature was "Wave", which allowed you to recharge your iPhone by putting it in the microwave.

Still not convinced by Bendgate? Watch this guy bend an iPhone 6, and start weighing up whether you love skinny jeans or Apple more: