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The Keymoji app autocorrects your text messages into emoji


Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphics; we have emoji. But there are only so many times you and your best friend can fight over how to spell "thirsty for the D" in emoji, which is where Keymoji comes in handy. The app automatically translates what you type on your iPhone into emoji, pulling approved emoji combinations from a crowdsourced global database. 

Check out Keymoji in action below:

Once you install the Keymoji keyboard, the app will automatically suggest emoji phrases as you type your text message, kind of like the autocomplete function on your iPhone.

You can even contribute to the app's growing lexicon by submitting new emoji sequences for approval. As users pick and choose between whichever combination they deem best for a certain word or phrase, your submission rises up an official leaderboard of emoji language. (Right now, the most used phrase is "I love you", spelled as "eyes emoji + heart emoji + pointing finger emoji".)

If you want to stake a claim on the world's number one pictorial language or just contribute to the inevitable destruction of the written language, feel free to download Keymoji from the iTunes store here. You'll need iOS 8. 

(h/t Oyster)