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Fancy having your GIF art judged by The Serpentine?

Hans Ulrich Obrist could be selecting your gif art as part of the gallery's 2014 Marathon

Frieze week is almost upon us which means it's that time of year again as the annual Serpentine Marathon beckons too. This year the two-day long, live presentation series takes on the theme of 'Extinction', working with radical creatives like Ed Atkins, Yoko Ono and Gustav Metzger to create a unique spin. The gallery have also teamed up with GIF gallery 15 Folds for an open call-out to have your 'extinction'-themed glitch-art exhibited at the marathon. "On the internet everything lasts forever", explained 15 Folds' Margot Bowman, "GIFs are a part of this promise by bucking the conventions of beginning, middle and end and breaking the standard rules of time with their infinite loop”. Judged by Serpentine co-director, Hans Ulrich Obrist and 15 Folds, 15 GIFs will appear at the 15 Folds gallery during the Marathon. For the chance to have yours on show just submit an 'extinction'-themed gif here and get some inspiration from our gallery (submissions close on the 24th).

The Serpentine Marathon will run on the 18th and 19th of October at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.