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Jennifer Lawrence: no longer the subject of XVALA's gallery showGage Skidmore

Artist backs down from exhibiting Jennifer Lawrence nudes

Instead, XVALA will show everyone his dick pics (seriously) for the No Delete art show

The artist who intended to display the 4chan-leaked nude images of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in an art show has backed down after an "inspiring" public backlash. 

Last week, XVALA caused a huge uproar when he announced his intention to produce life-sized canvas prints of the hacked photographs for his No Delete show at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) gallery in Los Angeles. Instead, he will be exhibiting pictures of his dick. 

Unfortunately, Dazed cannot comment on the attractiveness or artistic integrity of said phallus, just that it will be present in some shape or form.

In a press release, CACA said: "Public outrage over the announcement to exhibit the hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton by artist XVALA at a St Petersburg art gallery next month has altered the artist’s and gallery’s plans, via a series of persuasive online petitions."

"It wasn't just about being 'hacked' images anymore, but now presented in the media as stolen property," XVALA explained. "People were identifying with Jennifer Lawrence's and Kate Upton's victimization, much more than I had anticipated, which is powerfully persuasive."

CACA continues: "Empathizing with these real concerns, the artist decided to turn the cameras around on him; wanting the focus to be about an individual’s privacy and not just the exploitation of women".

It seems that XVALA believes that he's making up for all of this by exhibiting his dick picks, but he's missing a crucial part of the issue. He has the choice of putting his penis on show (well, we can't imagine anyone else putting on the pressure), while Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and the hundred other female celebrities didn't. 

If you're in LA and fancy checking out XVALA's penis alongside sculptures made from celebrities' trash, No Delete opens at CACA on 31 October.