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Rejected Emojis catalogues what could have been

Have a look at the emojis that we've been cruelly denied by the Unicode Consortium, including George Washington on a trampoline

Okay, 2014, we'll admit that you've been good to emoji. We can use a slew of Karl Lagerfeld emojis now, the "Drunk In Love" video got emoji-ed and Apple even pledged to make emojis more ethnically diverse. All very well, but if the Unicode Consortium could please explain to us why we can't use a top hat full of pornography or a cool goose, then we'd really appreciate it.

The Rejected Emojis Tumblr is a gallery of emojis that didn't make the cut – a glorious compilation of what could have been. Started by FunnyOrDie contributors Jesse Benjamin, Avery Monsen and Darryl Gudmundson for World Emoji Day, the selection of outcasts ranges from the surreal (Donald Trump being chased by bees), to the sad (cyberbullying). Take a look at our favourite rejects above.